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PIKE U: Chapter Leaders Head to Memphis

Over the winter break, Brothers Kyle Lanier (Social Chair), Jacob Peter (Internal Vice President), Kirby Stockard (Treasurer), and Jacob White (Recruitment Chairman) took their talents to Memphis to soak in all the Chapter Executives Conference (CEC) had to offer. Having never been to a PIKE University event, none of the brothers had any idea what to expect. On Day 1, the brothers were greeted with 3 inches of snow, quite a treat for Texas boys.

At CEC, these chapter leaders collaborated with National Advisors as well as other chapter leaders. They learned leadership techniques and how to effectively lead change in the chapter. "I never knew how many resources there were outside of our chapter that we can utilize" stated brother Jacob Peter, "I plan on taking advantage of those". These men made the most of their time by meeting with members from Smythe Winning chapters to determine what they do differently from the Theta Theta Chapter.

"Having the opportunity to meet PIKEs from around the country and talking with the guys that work for PIKE Nationals was a great experience" said brother Kyle Lanier. "I enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of what goes on to run a national fraternity and being able to make friends with Pikes from across the country and bounce ideas off each other." Brother Lanier continued to talk about bringing back a mentality of "winning recruitment" and recruiting the best and brightest to be a part of this fraternity.

The trip to Memphis was not all work though. The brothers headed down to Beale Street as the PIKEs took over the bars. "Walking around Memphis and exploring the town with the other exec guys and PIKEs from all over was also really cool" Brother Jacob Peter expressed. Brothers Lanier and Peter kept their Beale Street stories to themselves. All we could get out of them was.....

Work Hard. Play Harder. RUSH PIKE!

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